Remote360: BlackBerry Support When and Where you Need it

Now available in the Cloud for just $99/Month

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Remote360 is an application that enables IT administrators to securely connect to and remotely operate BlackBerry devices of their organization. Currently, if users are having issues with a BlackBerry device, they must schedule an in-office meeting with a representative of their IT department. Frequently, the actual time to diagnose and fix a BlackBerry issue takes up only a small fraction of the total time to have the issue addressed. Remote360 greatly reduces time to resolution by allowing an administrator to remotely resolve software issues, thus saving a company time and costs.


Remote360 now available on BlackBerry App World

Remote360 is now available on BlackBerry App World. You can quickly download a link to our free 30 trial directly from your BlackBerry. Just go to BlackBerry App World and search for Remote360 or click the link below.

SuperApps Challenge Regional Selection Winner!

Remote360 was named a BlackBerry SuperApps Challenge Regional Selection in the recent SuperApps Challenge sponsored by the BlackBerry Partners Fund.

2009 Top 40 Company

Corus360 has been awarded the TAG "Top 40" award for Remote360 based on specific criteria including; degree of innovation, scope and financial impact of innovation, likelihood of success, and promotion of Georgia's innovative efforts nationally and ...